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How do you hide your outdoor garbage bins?

We all have them, and we can't escape them: plastic trash and recycling bins that create a less-than-welcome blot on our home's landscape. Even if they come in a color that actually appears in nature, there's just no getting around it — you can't make them pretty. So where do you stash them while you wait for the garbage truck?

We've asked over a thousand home owners to help us to get the answer.

  • 714 people keep bins in the garage
  • 173 people hides bins behind the house
  • 29 people keep bins at the front yard


A product that makes better living

Like most of you, we had to choose between hiding bins in the garage with odor and pest problems or keeping them outside.

"We knew there had to be a better way to store our trash and recycle bins. We created RubbishWrap to reflect our passion for simple design, quality, well-made things, and a belief that our product should make for better living."

Durability and quality delivered right to your door

We spent over 12 months visiting 3 factories to test and understand vinyl density, durability, strength patterns and weather resistance characteristics.

We agreed that the four key factors our solution would encompass are quality, design, practicality, and durability. Not only did RubbishWrap have to have the classic design features that are essential for house curb appeal, it also needed to provide minimal assembly time and would hide all known bin sizes in the United States and Canada.