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Our focus is on the product and the product DESIGN. At RUBBISHWRAP ®, our mission is to demonstrate how intelligent design ideas could lead to the easiest, most durable, functional, and most attractive solution for hiding the rubbish containers outside of your home. 

WE THINK THAT YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE! RUBBISHWRAP is an independent brand with a focus on smart design. Our intention is – and always was focused on a design and product set up that places high value on simplicity and easy “five minute set up” while providing quality and beauty. Our patented “no hardware” design allows you to snap the interlocking pieces together really fast saving your time and your patience.

What makes us stand out from others?

What makes Rubbishwrap® different than any other solution?

From the start of our journey to design a solution to hide trash cans, our number one priority was to understand what was most important to the thousands of homeowners we surveyed. The answers were simple:

Make it really easy to set up Make it durable and long lasting Make it attractive Make it so there are no screws, nuts, bolts, brackets – no hardware and please let me avoid having to read complicated multi-Page assembly instructions


What Happened?

After diligent design and manufacturing efforts RUBBISHWRAP® came to market as a solution to hide trash bins that sets up in five minutes, is extremely durable, very good looking, with no need for hardware and the easiest assembly instructions (one page) that you will ever see!


Join the thousands of other homeowners who have instantly improved their curb appeal and made an unsightly problem disappear with RUBBISHWRAP®.

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better than the pictures

"Completely met my expectation and looks really really nice once installed. It's heavy enough not to move around with winds and fits pretty much any type of garbage bin. You can also fill it with sand if you want to make it even heavier. I preferred it to those large garbage boxes that smell in the summer and fills with insects. Love it!" - Marco, CT

Built with you in mind

RubbishWrap is a unique vinyl outdoor trash & recycling storage solution for all types of residential bins. It allows getting the carts out of the garage, eliminating clutter, odors and pests in the home.
RubbishWrap combines function with fashion to keep trash and recycling bins stored in convenient location.

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Smart design inside-out

The modular design allows for multiple bin configuration so you control how many bins you wish to hide. Weather and fade resistant, and engineered to last for years to come.

Open box. Set it up.

Introducing the easiest setup ever. Anyone can set up Rubbishwrap in less than ten minutes. No drilling. 
No wiring. No hardware. No tools

Yes, no tools required for setup.


Featured collection

Double Unit hides two large trash cans. Outddor garbage shed

Double Unit

Sale price $ 625.00 Regular price $ 695.00

Triple Unit-hide three garbage bins, outddor shed for three cans, outdoor shed for three bins, outdoor cans enclosure, hide outddor garbage bins, garbage storage, idea to hide my outdoor cans

Triple Unit

Sale price $ 855.00 Regular price $ 905.00

stylish outdoor enclosure from any angle you look


    A classic design that complements all architectural home styles. It is time to get your garage back!


    Weather and fade resistant and engineered to last years to come.


    There are no tools or hardware to use. And no complicated manuals either. PERIOD.


    Our modular design allows multiple bins configuration. You control how many carts you hide.


Do I need tools or hardware to set it up?

No! RubbishWrap sets up in less than 5 minutes with no tools or hardware.

How long does it take to assembly it?

Complete assembly under five minutes

Does it hide a 96-gallon garbage can?

Yes, RubbishWrap can cover a 96-gallon garbage can and recycling bin. RubbishWrap© is the only product on the market that hides all types of 96 gallon rollout trash bins

Can I take it down or move it?

Yes, our "Simple Snap" modular design allows for quick set up. RubbishWrap© is easy to put together and as easy to take apart in case of need for quick storage or desire to move it into different location

Does it require foundation ?

A foundation is not required for RubbishWrap©

How much space would it require?

Double UnitThe Double Unit requires space that is 58" high, 77.5” wide and 43.5” deep. There is also requirement of 99" height clearance for the front door in opened stage.

Single UnitThe Single Unit requires space that is 58" high, 40.5" wide and 43.5" deep. There is also requirement of 99" height clearance for the front door in opened stage.

Can I hide three or more bins?

Yes, you can. Our module design allows for multiple bins configuration. You control how many bins you wish to hide. To hide three bins you would need a double unit and add-on unit.

I have high winds where I live

The unit can be staked down if wind is a concern. Additionally, the corner post have openings to add sand if desired. The gap space at bottom of unit helps reduce wind resistance. The bins themselves will reduce wind issue as well.

Is RubbishWrap available on Amazon or any other retailers?

RubbishWrap is available by fine retailers below:

- Payments as low as $63/month. Learn More on Wayfair

- Are you Amazon Prime Member? Use your Rewards points to purchase RubbishWrap at Amazon

  • Triple unit garbage shed

Beautifully designed solution for your trash and recycling bins

Our research led us to the discovery of a perfect vinyl formula that provides durability and strength. The sturdy vinyl design is all hollow and lightweight to make it easy to move around. Our product is weather and fade resistant and engineered with a single focus: to make setup super easy and to keep garbage bins out of sight or out of your garage.